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SEO Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google in 2019

SEO Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google in 2019
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Below are 6 SEO tips to boost your ranking that are suggested by the Internet Marketing Agency.

1. Google My Business

You don’t need a physical store to create a Google My Business account. Google My Business is a reliable tool that can help improve one’s local SEO strategy. This platform can also assist in developing knowledge graphs, and generate more website traffic.

2. Videos

If you want your customers to stay longer on your web pages, then don’t forget to embed videos. Having compelling videos on your pages would not only improve conversion rates, it can also improve bounce rates.

3. Content

Quality content is the key to improving your SEO strategy. Each website should have amazing videos and blogs. To be able to rank well, you need to have compelling, informative content, and establish your brand as an expert in your specific niche.

4. Pre-Emptive SEO

Always create your content based on the newest, upcoming digital trends. Use all the hashtags and keywords revolving around the upcoming years and months. This will give your posts more exposure and relevance.

5. Online Content Clusters

Algorithms are rewarding websites which are generating stronger content, and those prioritizing niche subjects. Content clustering is a specific method used in on-site SEO which revolves around modifying website structure.

6. Search Console

Google console is a reliable tool allowing people to maintain and monitor your website’s Google presence. It is possible to view the results in just 72 hours.